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About Back Up Patroller


Back Up Patroller – explained

Back Up Patroller is here to give you the comfort of knowing your files are safe and secure. It keeps a backup copy of your files safe online, by doing so they are completely protected. Feel safe knowing that all your important files are backed up and yet easily accessible to you, even if you’ve have allot of them!

Be assured that Back Up Patroller does not require that you have a technical degree. You’ll enjoy how easy it is to install, being hassle-free. It backs up all your files, even while you’re using your computer. So do your work while backuppatroller works for you, quietly protecting your files which are so important to you.


Back Up Patroller is convenient for you as well. From any web

  • browser, mobile or tablet, you can access your files. In transit at the airport?
  • Studying in the library?
  • Taking a break at the coffee shop? Want to show your photos while visiting family?

Anywhere you can get connected to the internet, access your files via the convenience of backuppatroller.


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